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The College Democrats of Southeast Missouri State University is a group of students committed to advancing the principles of the Democratic Party, assisting Democratic candidates for public office, and developing future leaders of the region, state, and nation.  Our recent and upcoming activities can be found below.


President Obama won reelection with at least 303 electoral votes, pending the outcome of the Florida vote!


Election Night, November 7, 2012

Those at the College Democrats Watch Party enjoyed the evening, keeping up with the results by monitoring several different web sites and sources.

CD President Danice Granger Explains Why She is Voting for Obama

Most people wouldn’t hire a babysitter without checking their references so before we hire a President we have a responsibility to check out their claims and find out the facts. When it comes down to a job like President, facts really do matter. The facts showed me President Barack Obama deserves my vote for President...

 (Read entire column)


Homecoming Parade, October 20th !!!

Two local Democratic candidates appeared in the Homecoming parade this year to publicize their campaigns.  Our candidate for Congress, Dr. Jack Rushin, as well as our candidate for Cape Girardeau County Public Administrator, Mary Cotner, walked in the parade with their enthusiastic supporters.  Thanks to them for "showing the colors" in this huge event!!!

(Read more about Jack Rushin on his web site.  Read about Mary Cotner in this Southeast Missourian article.)


Interns Working During Fall 2012:

The coordinated Democratic campaign headquarters on Main Street in Cape Girardeau has been hosting several regular volunteers, some of which are receiving academic credit for their efforts.  Thanks to them for working for the cause!

Fall 2012 Campaigns!!!
Please consult the following campaign web sites for more information about our great candidates for the 2012 November election:

President Barack Obama

Senator Claire McCaskill

Dr. Jack Rushin for U.S. House

Governor Jay Nixon
Susan Montee for Lt. Governor  
 Jason Kander for Secretary of State
Treasurer Clint Zweifel
Attorney General Chris Koster




Our Nobel Prize-Winning American President!!!!

Thankfully, we have a US President who shares your values. The Obama Administration has been in office:

Some of our recent activities appear below:

The path to the future holds limitless possibilities!!!

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Please feel free to check out these links to additional information.  Here you will find out about the recent history of the College Democrats at Southeast, and will also find some links to other useful Democratic sources.


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