Slacklining is an interesting passtime that is similar to tight-rope walking. But, instead of a tight-rope, you have a piece of webbing that stretches and moves...a lot! The basic set-up is a piece of webbing attached to two trees to form a line that can be walked on. Your first goal is to just balance on the webbing, which may sound easy, but is far from it. It takes quite a bit of practice to be able to stand on the webbing on your own, but when you finally do, the feeling you get is amazing. After you can reliably stand by yourself, you start trying to take your first step. And when you accomplish that, that feeling of accomplishment comes back stronger than ever. Then you can start walking forwards, backwards, turning, and doing all kinds of tricks.

If you're interested in slacklining, feel free to join us! We're out on the terraces frequently, so you can stop by or give one of us a call to see if we're out there or even find out when we'll be slacklining next.

Some pictures of us slacklining on the terraces...

This is Chris on the really high slackline.

There's Claudia on the smaller slackline with Drew watching. Ed is on the high slackline, and that's me on the picnic table.

This is Lindsey slacklining with Brian helping her.

There's Brian slacklining and Pat, Claudia, Lindsey, and me on the picnic table.

That's me on the slackline, Miranda helping me out, and Adam watching.

That's Miranda slacklining and James spotting her.