In 2002-2003 Jon Lowrance and Pat Watson founded the Southeast Missouri State University Rock Climbing Club. Both climbers were very experienced and working on their undergraduate Recreation degrees. Their outdoor experiences were incredible and they wanted to share them with generations of Southeast students. The club grew significantly in 2003-2004. Jon and Pat graduated and nominated Claudia Favre and Jen Goldsberry to continue the legacy. Jen Goldsberry soon passed on the co position to TJ. During the next two years, Claudia Favre and TJ Goldsberry worked hard to maintain continuity and growth. Both Claudia and TJ (Co-Presidents of the club) have recruited new members and shown those individuals the thrills and challenges of rock climbing. In the fall of 2006, Chris Huebner joined the club. An experienced climber himself, Chris Huebner joined the leadership team as the Sport Club Council representative and was elected president for the fall of 2007. James Eldreth and Ashley Allstun joined the team as the advertising representatives, along with Joshua Trbovich and Andrew Valleroy as club spokesmen. During the 2007 and 2008 year the club expanded drastically. The number of club members almost doubled the years in the past and the number of students interested in the club was above 200. For the fall of 2008 through the spring of 2009, Chris Huebner will remain president with the help of the same leadership team. Kyle Bira will also be joining the leadership team after already participating in the club for a year.