Peter Alan Froehlich


Peter Alan Froehlich is an Assistant Professor of English at Southeast Missouri State University and Director of Undergraduate Studies for the English Department. He began work at the University and at the Center for Faulkner Studies in 2003.

Froehlich has taught seminars on Faulkner at the University of Mississippi, both in the traditional classroom and online. He has also taught Faulkner as a component of courses such as Introduction to Southern Literature and The South in Film. His publications include chapters in Faulkner in Cultural Context: Faulkner & Yoknapatawpha, 1995 and Teaching Faulkner: Approaches and Methods.

A native of northern New Jersey, Froehlich was introduced to Faulkner in Wayne Knoll's popular seminars at Georgetown University. After teaching high school mathematics for a year, Froehlich entered graduate school at Penn State. In addition to working in the Rare Book Room and Special Collections under the tutelage of Charles Mann, Froehlich continued his study of Faulkner with Deborah Clarke. He completed his education at the University of Mississippi, where he worked with Donald Kartiganer, Robert Brinkmeyer, Joseph Urgo, and Kathryn McKee. His 2003 dissertation, "Frontier/Grotesque in the Novels of William Faulkner," was directed by Jay Watson.

In addition to his work on Faulkner, Froehlich has published on Leslie Marmon Silko and captivity narratives. His research interests include frontier literature, Vietnam War autobiography, and southwestern humor.