Exposure to indoor air pollutants is an important contributor to the onset of respiratory

system illnesses.Environmental triggers contained in indoor air play a key role in the

exacerbation of pediatric asthma.The goals of this project will be to supplement health care provider knowledge, increase patient/patient family awareness of the relationship between asthma and indoor air quality, conduct in-home assessments for environmental triggers and relate the importance of asthma action plans.The proposed project utilizes a consortium consisting of Southeast Missouri Hospital, Cape Girardeau County Public Health Centerís Rural Clinic and Southeast Missouri State Universityís Center for Environmental Analysis.


The proposed project will provide knowledge to pediatric patients and patient families about home environmental intervention programs utilizing a combination of interview and visual inspection techniques targeting exposure reduction to environmental triggers related to the onset of asthma.†† The project will require the participation of 300 pediatric asthma patients.100 patients/patient families will receive an informational packet.This packet will include:


 Asthma and associated symptoms

 Environmental triggers

 Home checklists

 Exposure Reduction Plan

 Asthma Action Plan


This group will also include an in-home walk-through assessment.The walk-though assessment will consist of taking specific indoor air quality measurements.In addition, return visits to the home will be performed on a quarterly basis over a 1 year time period.


The remaining 200 patients/patient families will be provided with informational packets, but will not receive the in-home assessment portion of the project.


If you have patients that are interested in participating in either category, please e-mail Dr. John Kraemer at the address provided below.In addition, please fill out the referral document and fax or e-mail the document to Dr. Kraemer.

Southeast Missouri State University

Dr. John C. KraemerCenter for Environmental Analysis

573-651-2355 office

573-651-2382 fax


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