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Pokémon X and Y Tournament


You must provide a record of your Pokémon team. This record must include AT THE VERY LEAST the Pokémon Species, Nickname, Gender, Move Set, and Held Item. (Additional information is not necessary, but will help with any claims made against you for an infraction.) Resources to fill out your team information will be provided.


Format: Single Battle
Party: Up to 6 Pokémon per entry.
Level Cap: 50 (Equalized)
Battle Time: 60 minutes
Command Time: 60 seconds
Additional Rules:

  1. No two or more Pokémon can have the same nickname.
  2. Pokémon cannot be nicknamed with the name of another Pokémon. (You can’t have an Eevee named Goodra.)
  3. Your team cannot be changed or manipulated in any way between rounds. Once you submit a record of your team, you must stick with that team for the duration of the tournament. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Leveling a Pokémon between rounds.
    • Giving it items that change the form or stats.
    • Changing its held item.
    • Exchanging one Pokémon for another, (Even if it’s the same species.)


  1. Item Clause: No team may have more than two of the same held item. (Life Orb, Leftovers, Berries, etc.)
  2. OHKO Clause: No Pokémon on your team may have an OHKO (One Hit Knock Out) move. (Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, and Sheer Cold)
  3. Banned Moves: Sky Drop and Dark Void
  4. Banned Abilities: Moody
  5. No Legendary Pokémon. If you have a question as to whether or not a specific Pokémon is a Legendary, please ask before the tournament. No exceptions will be made on the day of tournament.
  6. Species Clause: Neither player may enter the battle with more than one of the same species of Pokémon defined by Pokédex number.

Any participant found in violation of these rules and limitations will receive an infraction status. The violation will be reviewed by the judges and a call will be made regarding your continued participation in the tournament.

Head Judges presiding over the tournament:

LaRon Buckner (ltbuckner1s@semo.edu)
Damian Kaizer (dctodd1s@semo.edu)
If you know your stuff about Pokémon, you can volunteer to be a judge by contacting either Head Judge.