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Features I'm currently working on

  • You can send feature requests to my email in the footer
  • Photo galleries from late 2014

System requirements (recommended, not required)

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Version Date of change Notes
2.0.4_b 2/12/2015


  • Updated the Recommended Anime page

bug fixes

  • Updated the board members page to reflect the new board.
  • Small update to the points page, adding points from last semester
2.0.3 1/24/2015


  • Added advisor information to website
  • Updated the previous anime page (splitting into two semesters)

bug fixes

  • General bux fixes
2.0.0_a 8/14/2014

bug fixes

  • General mobile bux fixes involving the side menu.
2.0 8/13/2014


  • Changed theme to new 2014 theme
  • Re-designed multipul pages
    • Home page
    • About page
    • Board Members page
    • Anime page
    • Gallery page
    • Points page
  • Added the archive website for stuff before 2012

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